Blue Shoe Cover Dispenser With 1x50m Tape Of Shoe Cover Tape Roll

Blue Shoe Cover Dispenser With 1x50m Tape Of Shoe Cover Tape Roll
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Blue Shoe Cover Dispenser With 1x50m Tape Of Shoe Cover Tape Roll

The Shoez'On cover dispenser is a really innovative disposable shoe cover dispenser.

7 GOOD reasons why you shoud buy a Shoez'On cover dispenser:
  • Economical to use
  • It is versatile
  • It is highly effective
  • It is easy to refill
  • It is easily portable
  • No electrical source or batteries required. Shoez'On can operate whever you need it!
  • You can brand it or apply use instructions to the machine 
As the user places their shoe within the machine and presses lightly downwards on the padded base mat, a cover will automatically adhere to the base of the shoe.
Withdrawing the foot then actuates the tape cutting mechanism and "voila!", the base of your shoe and the customers carpets and flooring are protected from any contaminants and dirt!
The applications are only limited by your imagination.
When leaving premises, or when protection is no longer required the tape is easily removed from the base of the shoe and disposed of appropriately.
This non-disposable and portable design shoe cover dispenser is ideal and convenient for use in:
  • Real Estate Open Houses
  • Households
  • Hospitals
  • Computer Rooms
  • and other Industry use that require the highest hygiene and sanitation protection

  • From building sites to show
  • From wet floor areas to dry floor areas
  • From dirty areas to clean rooms
  • From warehouse to office rooms
  • From warehouse to food preparation area
  • From warehouse to showroom
  • And so many other possibilities...
Each Shoez’On Tape dispenser is supplied with a 50M roll of tape included.
There is no difference in the three models shown, simply the base colour differs.
Included in each pack is a User Instruction and safe use leaflet but this is also downloadable from this website.
The Support Handle for the machine is included in the pack and is easily assembled.
Within minutes your Shoez’On is ready for use and will provide you with many years of Clean Shoes On in your home or work place.
Please note the Multi-Buy Opportunity for each machine as well as the Multi-Buy opportunity for the Refill Tape Rolls.

How to install the shoe cover dispenser?

  1. Connect the two pieces of the handrail and then fix them with a screw
  2. Insert the connected handrail into the hole on top of the machine then fix it with a screw
  3. The machine is ready to go!

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