About Us

Our mission:

Shoez'On ’s goal is to distribute an affordable alternative to having to take your shoes off in public !

Our profile:
Sanzi Imports Ltd operates an Import and Distribution business supplying various sectors of the Retail Trade throughout New Zealand.
Shoez'On is a trademark owned by Sanzi Imports Ltd.
Shoez'On provides an excellent solution for customers that who need an affordable shoe coverings to prevent dirt or contamination spread via normal foot wear. 
Sanzi Imports Ltd strive to ensure that we can provide the backup and service for the products items that we sell and distribute.
We think it only fair that customers deserve such support after making a purchase of one of our items. 
Some of our people who you need to know...
  • Chris: Technical know how & Product Sourcing
  • Tony: Marketing & Product Sourcing
  • Alison: Customer Service & Office Manager
  • Vicki: Manager Outwards Goods
  • Lisa: Warehouse Manager
  • Eric: Warehouse & Picking up the heavy boxes!


We started importing and distributing  our range of flagpoles and from small beginnings the growth has been steady and it continues to trend upwards.
Our Brand name FlyTheFlag now has an excellent profile in the New Zealand market place. 
This success has encouraged us to broaden our product base. We now actively travel far and wide to bring product to fill niches in the New Zealand marketplace. We have been careful to make sure that our lust for product does not outstrip our expertise, and for that reason we will carefully test market products before placing our full efforts behind them.
Please visit our other retail site  www.flytheflag.co.nz to view our other offerings.
We are careful to ensure that we can provide the backup that we need to service the items that we sell. We think it only fair that customers deserve such support after making a purchase from us.
However if you want to see the products in the flesh, our showroom is open from Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 5.00pm in Unit 5- 93 Ellice Road, Glenfield.


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